Thank you, 2017 Summer Interns!

Maybe I’m biased, since I’m one of the summer interns, but they have done an amazing job this summer. Don’t you agree?

If you haven’t seen them around yet, you have definitely been missing out. Let me say a quick word and introduce each of them (in no particular order):

Hailey Cheng: She runs much of our admin work for @Stream during the school year, and this summer she has spent a lot of time meeting with mentors, families, organizing community events, visiting the lovely residents at Kin Village and helping out with house church. She is one of the most reliable people around — not to mention she is cute and friendly!

Christian Chan: We blame everything that goes wrong on him. Maybe because he does his job too well, and the rest of us interns need to make ourselves feel better. Or maybe it’s just me. In any case, he’s been such a strong support in our @Home ministries, always ready to lend a hand in any way — whether that be hammering a nail into a wall or taking the bus with someone. He’s been amazing at caring for people that have not been around Flow ministries. Maybe we’ll be able to steal him again next summer! (Then I’ll have someone to blame again.)

Grace Huang: Our hilariously over-the-top intern, she’s the one who helps out our resident musician Simon Ng in the @Play ministries. She organized various Espressions and Currents events, as well as works with songwriters during get-togethers. During this summer, she also helped organize new initiatives that we hope will take place soon! Aside from her perseverance, she is also outrageously adorable.

Emily Chan: She was employed last summer, but gracious enough to continue volunteering — even through the year until the end of this summer! That is one long summer internship. She is caring and loving as she is serving people — cooking them dinner, buy them groceries — as well as dependable and inspiring as she leads worship week after week with her beautiful voice.

And me (Victoria Huang), of course. But there’s no rush to introduce me since you’ll be seeing more of me — especially on this website. (It’s no mystery what I was employed for.)

We won’t be seeing these interns very much anymore, at least not until the next summer. If you see them around, be sure to say hi and to thank them for all the amazing work they’ve done!

Community Barbecue is a success!

It started off with many families and kids, armed with plastic bags and gloves, enthusiastically scouring all around kin village for litter. From excited young toddlers to encouraging adults, the community came together to take ownership of their neighbourhood and worked hard to it more beautiful.

The ensuring barbecue was equally a wonderful event. many people gathered to share food and conversation. Especially the kids. Check out some of the photos of the gathering, and be sure to join us next time!

Children’s Music Program

Our Children’s Music Program is running again this year! We had a wonderful run last year, with kids performing at the end of the sessions for their parents! Join us again this year. It’s a great way for kids to have fun, to learn a new skill and to be more confident!

When: Beginning June 29, rehearsal every Monday (5-7pm), Thursday (1-3pm)
Where: Bates Way
What: Singing fun songs, exploring
Who: All community kids aged 5-10 are invited to participate!
Contact: or (416) 902-0123

Community Cleanup and Barbecue

Want to help out in the neighbourhood — and get FREE FOOD? (I know you love free food. Everyone loves free food.) Then this event is for you! Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, June 28 at 5pm
Where: Kin Village Community Centre on Founder’s way
What: Cleaning up the neighbourhood with friends and family, and then an awesome barbecue afterward.
Who: You’re invited! Everyone, regardless of how young or old.

Family Movie Night

Hey Stream!

We’re having a fun night at the movies — actually, we’ll be bringing the movies to you! Come on over and have some snacks while watching fun movies with your friends and mentors (who are also your friends. You love them, let’s admit it).

When: Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Where: Kin Village community Centre
What: Movie with snacks and a raffle draw with cool prizes!
Who: Stream mentees and mentors

Don’t miss the fun!

Stream Camping Trip

The mentors and the kids are going on an overnight camping trip! It’s going to be lots of fun — be sure to sign up if you haven’t done so already! Families, please make sure to get the forms and payment to the mentors as soon as you can. Here are the details:

When: Saturday July 29 – Sunday July 30, 2017
Where: Meet at Kin Village community centre parking lot by 10 am on July 29
Who: Mentees and Mentors
Pricing: Mentors pay $65, Mentees pay $35 (can be subsidized if there is significant financial trouble)
Deadline for application: June 24

Here are the forms that will need to be filled out for the trip:
Stream Kids:
Stream Summer Outing 2017 Mentee Registration-Waiver
Stream Summer Outing 2017 Volunteer Registration-Waiver