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Introducing…Brian Yu


After Founder and Lead Pastor of Flow Without Bounds Ministry, Louis Leung, resigned in September 2019, the Board of Flow began searching for a new lead pastor. Presently, we are thrilled to officially announce Brian Yu has graciously accepted this appointment.

Born in Canada but raised in the Philippines, Brian received a call from the Lord when he was in high school to become a pastor. He pastored for two years in the Philippines before coming to Toronto to complete a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry at Tyndale University College & Seminary. Brian has been a pastor for over ten years and is currently working towards his ordination with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec.

Brian’s philosophy of ministry comes from Acts 6:4 (ESV): “But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” He strongly believes the key to ministry is through prayer, and as a pastor, it is vital to be praying for people. What brings Brian delight is when he is able to witness lives transformed by God. He is passionate about guiding people into a deep relationship with Jesus so that they could tangibly experience Jesus in their own lives. Drawn from John 10, Brian sees himself as a shepherd leading people to the Great Shepherd—Jesus. 


Brian is no stranger to Flow. In fact, his connection with Flow began about four years ago when he sought Flow’s guidance and assistance to plant the Change Community Church in Scarborough. While Brian’s additional role as lead pastor of Flow will not come without challenges, he is ready and excited to embrace it with open arms. Why? Because Brian knows the only way he is able to do anything is by being close to Jesus. What he has experienced over the years as a pastor is his walk with Jesus becoming ever more sweeter and beautiful.

In his free time, Brian enjoys reading books, playing music, learning to cook, and working out. He is married to Cynthia and they live in Markham.