Our Team

Reverend Louis Leung

Founder, Pastor

I sometimes joke that I’m the custodian at Flow Without Bounds Ministries. That’s half true for a leader, I guess. Besides trying to facilitate Flow’s bigger direction of sharing God’s love even as our lives are renewed, I spend a lot of time being a supporter wherever needed in the front lines of ministry. What I love about being in Flow is we get a first row seat to what God is doing deeply in people’s lives, and sometimes we even get to contribute! I graduated from Tyndale University College & Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in Pastoral and Chinese Ministries. My wife and I are heading into empty-nester territory as our two sons are adults now, even our orange cat (named Cheeto) may be moving out soon!

Email: lou4jc@gmail.com

Vivian Chu-Chen


From outreaching to the sex workers and leading youth groups to do city mission, my heart is always with the marginalized community. Joining Flow is to continue this calling through serving the house churches. It is a privilege to bring God’s love and hope to the lives of people through building up relationships.

Simon Ng

@Play Ministries Leader

As the @Play Ministries leader, I work in recreational settings; more specifically, I focus on Arts ministry. I’m passionate for all things art-related, as art is uniquely capable of communicating to the imagination. I partner with different artists, musicians, and organizations around the GTA to host events, where art is used to share about ourselves and how God interacts with our lives. I graduated from Fanshawe College for Music Industry Arts, where I studied Music Production, Engineering, and Business. I’m married to my super awesome and talented wife, Carol––we make a nifty team! Fun fact: in line with artistic culture, I wear skinny jeans almost exclusively. I don’t think my legs have seen the sun for the past decade.

Email: si.wj.ng@gmail.com

Hailey Cheng

Stream Mentoring Ministry Coordinator

I take care of all the administrative duties involved with Stream Mentoring Ministry. I connect the child or youth mentee with his/her mentor and the mentors with their mentor coach. I also organize annual events for the mentors and mentees to bond through retreats and the community clean-up & BBQ. I recognize the impact of mentoring from personal experience and am drawn to how it is translated into the discipleship process envisioned by Flow. Outside of Stream, I am an active member of three Flow house churches. Although I do not live in the community, I enjoy the friendships I have built with the neighbours in Kin Village and Trinity Square. I graduated from Tyndale University College & Seminary with a BA in English. For leisure, I love trying new recipes in the kitchen and re-watching episodes of The Office with my fiance, Eric.

Chester Ng

Board Member, Stream Coach

A few years, I took an early retirement from working in IT for about 40 years to serve in full-time ministry. I always loved to do hands-on ministry and feel very strongly that our present-day churches should serve the community in a day-to-day concrete way. I am delighted to lead Flow’s Mercy Rain Ministry as it brings me great joy to live a life in Christ by meeting the needs of others tangibly. I am married to my beloved wife, Shirley, for close to 40 years and together, we have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and four grandkids. Fun Fact: being the only Chinese person I know that weighs over 200 pounds, delivering loads of groceries helped reduce my weight.

Derek Leung

Board Member, House Church Host

Flow continues to impact me by allowing me to experience and see God’s love in many different people. The stories that are shared in our church reminds me that God not only loves me but loves everyone. It is a blessing that God has decided to use my family and I to fulfill His purpose in this community.

Wilson Lau

Board Member, Finance Team

My role is to take care of any finance/admin tasks so that our front-line team can keep doing what they do best. I am very thankful to be part of this organization and experience God’s blessing through serving the team.

Nelson Tang

Board Member, House Church Volunteer

Flow has had a huge impact on me: it is the most amazing thing to see God at work and how He transforms the lives of others. I’m thankful for the front row seat at Flow!

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