Stream Mentoring Ministry

Stream Mentoring Ministry is for children and youths between the ages of 8 to 16. Each mentee is partnered with an adult mentor of the same gender and placed in a small group. The purpose of mentoring is to provide a good Christian model for the next generation.

Unique to Flow Without Bounds Ministries is that many of the mentees are non-Christian. In fact, many of the children and youths come from single parent homes, poverty, or a dysfunctional family dynamics. Stream creates an excellent opportunity for mentors to be evangelistic and intentional about having spiritual conversations with their mentees. Activities in the mentoring group could involve going out for a meal, drinking bubble tea, taking a hike in nature, or just enjoy some good ol’ ice cream. Relationships and friendships formed through mentoring bring a long-lasting positive impact on the upbringing of these children and youths.

Each year, Flow offers training for new mentors and re-training for returning mentors on how to have spiritual conversations with their mentees. Reverend Louis Leung developed a distinct approach to discipleship that is scripturally methodical and encourages mentors to adopt this concept in their mentoring sessions: (1) deny oneself, (2) pick-up one’s own cross, and (3) follow Jesus. 

Aside from children and youth being mentored, each mentoring group meets monthly with their own mentor coach for a time of sharing, encouragement, and prayer. Flow’s discipleship model ensures that every person is being taken care of spiritually.

Stream invites anyone to apply and be a mentor if you are:

  1. A born-again believer with a heart to pursue a godly walk
  2. Passionate about engaging in discipleship and leading others to grow in God’s truth
  3. Teachable, willing to accept training by Flow
  4. Creative and flexible to changes
  5. Willing to commit for a minimum of 2 years
  6. Able to meet with the group at least twice a month, preferably every week
  7. Attend once a month meeting with the mentor coach

5 reasons why you should consider being a mentor:

  1. Self-sacrificing service to the Lord
  2. Opportunity to be a positive role model and influencer for the next generation
  3. Tangible way to demonstrate God’s love to a non-believer
  4. Engage in creative evangelism skills
  5. Be mentored by a mentor coach

If you would like to be a part of our Stream Mentoring Ministry, please contact us!