Flow Without Bounds Ministries is a non profit organization (C.R.A. registration number: 831531710RR0001) focused on “making God’s love known  and making disciples of Christ where people already live”. Instead of using a set location and building, we minister in homes and neighbourhoods – reaching out to individuals, families and communities.

Over the past year, we have been continuing down the path of discipleship. Flow has planted three house churches with two in Kin Village and one in Markham.

We’ve also been working with The Paintlounge and have been hosting a monthly event called Espressions.

Additionally, Flow has started a new youth program in Kin Village called Stream. Stream is a group mentorship program for children aged 8 to 16 with a purpose of providing a good Christian role model in the youth’s lives. Stream aims to foster a deeper relationship between the youth and the mentors, encouraging accountability and positive growth.

In Flow, God’s grace and the works of His hand have been evident, but the meaningful challenges are substantial. We continue to rely on God every step as we edge forward.

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