Here at Flow Without Bounds Ministries, we want to live as Jesus lived: to live a life of love and humble service, transcending differences by being good to one another, building genuine and authentic relationships, offering prayers of hope to those in need, working together for the good of the community, building partnerships with neighbours, organizations, and churches, and inviting people to join us in becoming a beautiful society of Jesus followers.

Our Vision and Mission

We want to see every neighbour at Kin Village and Trinity Square live life to the fullest by knowing and following Jesus Christ. We build genuine relationships with the neighbours to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them.

Our Ministries

Stream Mentoring

Building relationships through mentoring

Stream Mentoring is for children and youth ages 8 to 16. Each mentee is partnered with a mature Christian adult mentor of the same gender and placed in a small group. Our mentors seek to share the love of Jesus Christ through mentoring the next generation.

Mercy Rain

Building relationships through practical care

Mercy Rain is Flow’s compassion ministry that seeks to tangibly share God’s love by providing assistance to neighbours as well as the community. We not only meet physical needs, but emotional and spiritual ones too!

Hamper Program

Building relationships through giving gifts

Our annual Christmas Hamper Program is a practical way of building relationships with the families in Kin Village and Trinity Square by presenting them with a gift to meet their needs during the Christmas season!

Community Events

Building relationships through community engagement

Flow seeks to bring the communities of Kin Village and Trinity Square together through our events including barbecues, workshops, Christmas and Easter services, and community cleanupsーshowing that there can be reconciliation and forgiveness in hurting relationships through Christ

Whom We Serve

Kin Village and Trinity Square are subsidized community housing neighbourhoods in Markham, ON (near Woodbine and 16th). A substantial number of neighbours are in unique circumstances and challenges.

get involved

We’re looking for volunteers to serve in simple and practical ways. You can volunteer by mentoring a kid, visiting a neighbour, helping to meet a practical need, or serving at an event.


Your financial contribution will help us continue to meet the needs of the neighbours at Kin Village and Trinity Square.


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