Stream Mentoring

Stream Mentoring creates opportunities for families at Kin Village and Trinity Square to explore and discover God’s love in action. This is done in a group setting through pairing children between the ages of 8 to 16 with a mentor. Unique to this program is that many of the mentees are non-Christian. In fact, many of the children come from single-parent homes, poverty, or a dysfunctional family dynamic. Stream Mentoring creates an excellent opportunity for mentors to be evangelistic and intentional about having spiritual conversations with their mentees. Each mentor and mentor coach are trained in the areas of spiritual formation, evangelism, and administration.

Stream Mentoring’s discipleship model ensures every volunteer is being taken care of spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. From onboarding to on-going training, the director oversees the entire program. The director also gathers all the Mentor Coaches for a monthly check-in to see how they are doing. Each mentor coach is assigned mentors to care for and to meet individually or as a group for a time of sharing, encouragement, and prayer once a month. The mentors aim to connect with their mentees at least twice a month, preferably weekly, for mentoring. For each meeting, Flow sponsors $10 for each mentee’s spending.

Through our program, we hope not only to provide a good Christian model for the next generation, but also to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the mentees and, Lord willing, with their whole family as well.


5 reasons why you should consider being a mentor:

  1. Self-sacrificing service to the Lord
  2. Opportunity to be a positive role model and influencer for the next generation
  3. Tangible way to demonstrate God’s love to a non-believer
  4. Engage in creative evangelism skills
  5. Be mentored by a mentor coach

we invite you to prayerfully apply and become a mentor if you are…

  1. A born-again believer with a heart to pursue a godly walk
  2. Passionate about engaging in discipleship and leading others to grow in God’s truth
  3. Teachable, willing to accept training by Flow
  4. Creative and flexible to changes
  5. Willing to commit for a minimum of two years
  6. Able to meet with the mentoring group at least twice a month, preferably every week
  7. Able to attend a monthly meeting with the mentor coach
  8. Able to attend meetings with other mentors once every six weeks